Why would anyone in their right mind want to go traveling?


I really can’t comment too extensively on Amritsar as it was an arduous 24 hour challenge of mental strength and will. When skeptics of the traveling lifestyle query as to why you like traveling so much, you often find yourself coming across extremely positive, glowing about all of your exciting destinations. My time in the Punjab supports the skeptics. It proves that traveling isn’t always a breeze and can be really hard work both physically and mentally challenging.
I took a night train (sleeper class) from Delhi. It was scorching and i walked the ran length of the train twice before jumping on to find my seat due to wrong advice. I woke up in the morning feeling terrible. I put it down to dehydration abduction drank as much water as I could.
I arrived at the train station and had to climb down the train ladder with my backpack on down to the tracks and squeeze between the other trains feeling rough as hell. I made it to the golden temple hoping to find the accommodation. I couldn’t. Noone understood my incomprehensible slurring so I found the nearest hotel and checked in. I had a room on the top floor hotter than I have ever known on earth.
By now I had drank litres and overdone it on the electrolytes and started throwing up. I still hadn’t eaten anything so slept as best aim could. I was determined to go the Indian Pakistani border ceremony. I dragged myself there sharing a rickshaw with 3 guys from Kashmir. I got the VIP gallery and watched the proceedings with little amusement. The pantomime esque foot stomp under normal circumstances would’ve at least raised a smirk. As soon as it finished I made an escape and proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere…with a full audience!
I could only sleep that night by soaking my pajamas in luke warm water and laying under the fan. The heat was indescribable. The fan simply moved hot air around.
After a full night of puking I decided to get out of town as soon as possible. Nobody was interested in trying to help me. The only assistance I could get was from a guy in reception who wanted to practice his German with me. I gave up and spent a full days budget on a private taxi and headed for the mountains.
I have since seen a lovely fella that I last saw in Delhi. We left at the same time. Turns out he had exactly the same symptoms poor guy. Traveling alone when you are that unwell really isn’t fun but I’m so glad that this is the first and hopefully only occasion in India in 2 whole months.


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