The saddest part of traveling


Now, I’m not the most emotional person on the planet but I genuinely struggle with one facet of traveling the most; saying goodbye. As you’ll have undoubtedly noticed from the ‘don’t let the sun…’ post I seem to be fortunate so far in stumbling upon like minded characters. There have been some incredible people in the last few months and I won’t list them all to save them the embarrassment of my gushing, and there are a select few phenomenal people where it has truly wiped me out having to say goodbye. The photo above was taken by my sidekick Mel when she got the taxi to the airport. Look how needy I am. I cracked up when I saw it because its such a ridiculous face but in all seriousness I’m so sad to keep letting these awesome folks go. When you meet people that you have such and affinity with you feel so lucky and grateful that they crop up in your life. Its what makes the traveling so worthwhile. Yes these places are mind blowing but its the sharing it with wicked friends that make the memories. The only silver lining to the grey clouds of goodbyes is that you’re fairly certain that you’ll see the best ones again some time. Thanks to everyone that made enough of an impact that I became compelled tp write this. You don’t know how bloody brilliant you are.


2 thoughts on “The saddest part of traveling

  1. Astrid looks just lovely, it appears you have met some really wonderful people on your travels. Dad my hair done today Ann sends her love and really envious of the 6 week yoga course and really could not believe the fees. The TM looks great, one day I may jet in to take a look. We are grounded now for over a week as dog sitting for Fifi Trixiebelle – don’t think she will be wakling far ! off to Nan’s
    for fatty club soon. We put 14lb on between 4 of us on hols, we gave Phyllis Tuckwell £2 for each 1lb as a forfeit ! Got to knuckle under to lose weight now as wardbrobe really restricted. Guess I need some of the 46c – I would be sleeping al the time so no food would pass my lips. Will print your latest blog for Nan’s increasing folder. God bless, keep safe and big hugs from Nanny too ! TGM & TGF xx

  2. And even if you don’t see them again at least you had those lovely moments together and the memory of them 🙂

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