New Delhi

So I’m now on my tod in a rather nice hotel room for the first time in forever. It feels odd, and I miss Astrid dearly but excited for her to be going back to Hamburg. If you ever find yourself in town, book the SB Inn its bloody lovely, great value and so quiet for such a good location.
We had an awesome thali for 70rps at Satguru, an incredible little place round the corner from chandiwalan road off of the main bazaar. I went back again for a garlic naan takeaway and watched the guys making them in the tandoori oven. The paneer and herb parathas looked amazing. I also love the lassi cart round the corner. The mangoes are in season and seriously sweet. Whilst I was waiting for it a street kid tried pickpocketing the side pocket of my bag…where my marmite is kept. He got covered in it. I was sooo smug!


Hopefully going to escape the heat until my train this evening by finding a cinema showing the Great Gatsby. Fingers crossed for a couple of hours of air conditioning.


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