Taj Mahal – a surreal 24 hours in Agra

We decided to only spend one night in Agra to see the ol’ Taj. Upon reflection it was a superb decision as it was 47 sodding degrees! By the late evening it had cooled enough to wander the grounds at sunset. Its a wonderfully romantic place at any time of day so with its pink tinges at dusk I’m highly surprised I didn’t propose to Astrid or the nearest passing stranger. Due to the wide boulevards that led to the entry gates that housed our hotel, Astrid aptly coined the palace as the Champs elysée de l’inidie!
The following morning I had the most English breakfast for a very long time…marmite on toast with poached eggs. Yes I am one of those weirdos that carries a jar with them. Mine now sits in the side pocket of my backpack!
I then spent a bizarre couple of hours on the roof of a neighbouring hotel. It had a small pool so I swam a good 2k with a view of the palace watching the kites (birds not toys!)

Sadly the chlorine ate my wedding ring and the heat destroyed my mp3 player right before a long stint of solo travel, but it was the only way to stay cool.
I’m still pretty narked at having to pay 250 rupees to use the empty facilities when the cheeky swine of a hotel manager had the audacity to try and sell us train tickets for 500 rupees for only one available train instead of the standard 80 rupees for a train that runs every 10 minutes. He really must’ve thought we came up the Ganges on a water biscuit.
When we finally made it on to one a fight broke out on the 4 hour train journey to New Delhi. We were sandwiched between the warring families fighting over a single seat but luckily it narrowly avoided fistycuffs. Finally made it to New Delhi lets see if its as bad as everyone makes out eh?

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