I wanna hold your hand


We went and hiked to the Beatles ashram as a group once most of the people had left on Sunday. It is a beautiful complex with incredible views. Its hard to picture what the huts would have been like back in the day as everything is derelict now. But it would have been a really peaceful place to study.
We made our way to the main hall which is now covered in really impressive graffiti art. So
we posed for a lengthy group yoga photo shoot with some hilarious consequences. I maintained a cows skull balancing act on my head throughout but everyone else managed to pull out some tricks from their asana bag.
I then managed to successfully paint a small ‘I wanna hold your hand’ mural on the wall whilst listening to the White Album. It was a mantra at university and I got nostalgic overload whilst Rosie performed it at Yog Peeth. It has been a really long time since I’ve painted and I was instantly lost back into it again. It is an addiction though so I’ll be sure to pack some supplies for the next round of travels.


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