Brown bread in Varanasi


Astrid and I have just whizzed through the incredible holy city of Varanasi. The train took 20 hours in 45° heat. It is truly the hottest I have ever been in my life. We arrived and jammed ourselves into a rickshaw and headed to our gorgeous guesthouse (Ganpatti guesthouse if you’re ever in town). Only criticism was the tenacious roof monkeys but we were given an air rifle to keep them at bay! But the location was superb. We overlooked the Ganga funeral ceremonies to the left and evening puja to the right. Obviously we obliged in gawping at both. No photos of the burning dead, rather distasteful it would seem. But got a snap of the fancy puja. More Varanasi photos to follow once home.


Of all the ironic cockney rhyming slang situations in all the land this has to be the best…The bakery in town serves delicious organic fodder. A great roof terrace with spectacular views and a boat picnic service. The only hilarious draw back is the name ‘brown bread’ a fitting title for an establishment sidled up next to a 300 a day cremation venue.


4 thoughts on “Brown bread in Varanasi

  1. I am hoping to visit Varanasi this year…I’ll look up your hotel that you stayed in…looking forward to further posts on Varanasi from you 🙂

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