300 hours

For the past two weeks we have been taught by some of the 300 hour course teachers in our evening asana classes. It was an amazing opportunity to experience lots of different teaching styles in such a short period of time. Some of which I have never even tried before.
We started off last week with a yoga nidra session from Ali. He gave us an amazing guided meditation. It was really trippy and my favorite part was when he was describing a scene where you had to a imagine yourself as a baby lying in a lotus flower. Most of us misheard and interpreted it as lion which made for some interesting imagery as a cub!
On Tuesday we had Rebecca who introduced us to the incredible warm up move known as the ‘Stevie Wonder’as soon as I can upload a video of this I will. It is as good as it sounds. Eyes closed rocking out head doing a figure of 8 to warm up the neck. During the warm down we got to do the ‘koala’ where you straddle and snuggle a bolster on the floor like a koala bear on a eucalyptus tree.
We then had Lydia for a wonderful yin class. Sadly I had overdone it the night before using a belt in butterfly so I couldn’t get into any of the hip openers but it was nice and mellow affecting deeper muscles that we can’t normally target in a passive way.
Thursday’s class was given by Ally. I wish I could tell you more about this class unfortunately I know nothing. Beyond the warm up I don’t know a single thing that happened. It turns out that over doing the butterfly the night before had really stretched out my iliopsoas muscles. I tried to get into pigeon and couldn’t bring my legs any farther forward. The soas muscles were pinching and all of a sudden I just burst into tears. I was silently sobbing for no reason. I tried to get a grip so I laid down in shavasana only pass out and wake up 90 minutes later. I missed the entire class! Mortifying.
The following night we had Claire who gave me some really useful hip settlling postures so I was doing those laying on my back. The lovely Kelly then proceeded to come over with her cool hands and gave me a head massage. Before I knew it I was out for the count again.
We started the second week with Nicole who did so well at overcoming her nerves. We had a brilliant class and she got right into the rhythm really quickly. The adjustments in this class were phenomenal.
Amanda gave us a great workout as she fused in some pilates. The cues helped us focus on our core which would usually be a killer but her enthusiasm carried us through.
Helen gave a really upbeat aerobic style class with dance music. It really got the heartbeat going and the sweat dripping.
On Thursday Putu offered a really slow and traditional hatha class focusing on a minimal number of asanas holding them for a long time and repeating them.
Stevie Ray concluded the week by allowing us to take it in turns to teach a sequence each. The class was divided into 6 segments with one person allocated to each. It is really useful to break the class down into sections like this. I taught backbends, locust, superman and bow. Then inversions including shoulder stand, plough and fish. We fished up with some sequencing planning on the board.


We were lucky enough to join in with the 300 hour graduation ceremony puja. I would like to thank them all for their awesome classes and congratulate them on their certification.
Their ceremony was also the very first time I have worn a sari, I’m not sure if its suitable attire for me in 37°C heat!



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