Silver surfer


So this is my technologically advanced nanny at the tender age of 85 sitting at a computer and using a mouse for the very first time.  So that she could see my ‘blob’ in colour on screen rather than print outs. All the while my brother was preparing a skype conversation with me on his phone. Once she had mastered scrolling successfully and we were connected he passed her the phone to which she replied ‘I can’t do two things at once!’ But low and behold check her out. A cheeky skype date whilst viewing my blog page makes Nanny the best silver surfer in town.
The best moment to arise from the conversation was when Nanny pointed out how delicious the brightly coloured cakes looked in my Chinese new year post. Until I heard my mum pipe up in the background with ‘they’re not cakes mum, that’s sushi!’ Priceless.
Long gone are the days of airmail after all.


3 thoughts on “Silver surfer

  1. Nanny did 2 things at once yesterday as well, hair dryer in 1 hand and wine glass in the other (containing fruit juice) Lv TGM

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