Chattaranga on the Ganga

Just imagine the tune of la cucaracha and replacing the lyrics with the words ‘Chattaranga, chattaranga. Chattaranga on the Ganga’. That’s pretty much all we have been singing for the last two weeks.  Now finally we had the very opportunity to do exactly that as you can see:


That’s right I did the chattaranga pose on the river Ganga.  Granted what you can see is more of a plank, but this is because I still have hardly any upper body strength. But at least I had enough to scale the huge rockforms.


We visited the Vashista cave a sage’s meditation home en route before setting up camp in Shivpuri. The scenery along the river bank beaches was absolutely breathtaking. The sand had the beautiful silver glitter in it too.
You may be wondering why i am wearing a long sleeved top in the picture above when I’ve been reporting immense heat.  There was a cracking thunderstorm and we had to take shelter under a parachute and it was absolutely freezing. Well cold. But relative to the 37° degrees we’ve had of late it was a big shock.  fear not we soon warmed up round the fire obviously with some songs and guitar like the big hippy commune types we are.
As you can see we were very prepared for camping with our headlamps.


Sadly I don’t have any photos of the final part of this trip to share with you due to the non waterproof nature of the activity.  We were lucky enough to raft down the river home through grade 3+ rapids back to Ramjula. Great fun and really refreshing throwing ourselves in the icy water. Just about managed to keep it out of my mouth luckily.


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