Adjusting the adjustments

We have been adjusting our asanas to make sure we have the correct posture. Luckily due to my flexibility I am quite good with bendy postures that don’t require any strength and I am surprisingly good at back bends. You may think it sounds simple to bend over but I can assure you its not.
As you can see from the picture above we work in pairs to adjust our asanas. This is so we can get the pose exactly right ourselves and know how to teach and adjust others in a class situation like so:


I’m surprisingly naturally good at forward and back bends already. Which is a great confidence boost and luckily one of the postures we focused on. I will try and get a shot of my wheel in here once I get chance.
Ever feel like your head is disappearing up your own arse?!



3 thoughts on “Adjusting the adjustments

  1. Not sure about disappearing up your own rear – hate to confess this but my belly gets in the way now – something that Francesca would be shocked at now! Continue to enjoy Kate looks & sounds quite wonderful and feel my back would benefit so much. Nanny kept # 22 amused yesterday, you may now have a text picture of Nanny ‘surfing & using the mobile’ courtesy of Tom.
    Love TGM x

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