Meet the teachers


Please allow me to introduce you to my teachers as you can see from the picture above I am squeezed between them in a big teacher sandwich.  You have Narendra on the left and Roshan on on the right. Roshan is my anatomy, physiology and philosophy lecturer and course director.
Narendra is my drill sergeant of an asana teacher. He is tough on me but it is exactly what I need and he has such an amazing sense of humour. There are a couple of anecdotes to follow that should make you chuckle.
Firstly there is the day when he was adjusting my triangle pose and this conversation came to light:
Narendra: engage your thigh muscle on your front leg.
Me: I can’t thats as far as it will go.
*Narendra then proceeds to grab my thigh*
Narendra: this one, pull it up.
Me: No Narendra, thats fat!
He takes one look at me in the eye, then at my thigh then looks back to me quizzically and laughs and walks away completely baffled, not knowing what to say!
The same week another wee cracker cropped up. I was laying in childs pose in the middle of a class and Narendra asked me if I was ok. I looked up and said yes but I’m having an allergic reaction at the moment and its making me feel dizzy.
He then asked me what I was allergic to and I said ‘aubergine’.
Not knowing what this was he asked again so I said ‘eggplant’. He still looked confused and says ‘apple pie?’
I burst out laughing and said no its a vegetable it’s the one we all had for dinner last night.
Which begs two questions, firstly who on earth is allergic to apple pie? and where the hell would you find it in India?
Roshan is quite the lecturer and I’m really enjoying his lectures. His anatomy classes really help you to understand each of the muscles and see what is going on in each of the poses. He is a great storyteller and the 2 and a half hours fly by everyday. He has also promised to teach an asana class and we are all really looking forward to it.

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