From complete lack of routine to a rigid daily structure


I guess I should give a little more insight into my new schedule. Having shifted from no real structure whilst traveling I’m now experiencing the complete opposite. The shock of intensive learning again is quite immense after a 2 year absence from academia.
I wake up everyday at 5:30 to a tunefull good morning knock at my door. I then have a hot glass of ayuverdic tea and a round of nettipot, or nasal douching as I affectionately call it. The picture above should explain that one but if its still not yet clear you are simply cleansing your nasal passages with a steady flow of warm saline water. Despite most peoples initial reaction to the concept its not nearly as bad as it sounds. I stopped for a while last week though whilst my sinuses protested.
We then have a morning asana class until 9am and have breakfast.
At 10:30 we have an anatomy and physiology class followed by a philosophy class. See despite popular belief this isn’t just a retreat. We genuinely study quantum physics see…


We then have lunch at 1pm and a break for self study/practice. Our second asana class is from 5-7pm followed by dinner.
Its a pretty packed out day and hopefully this rigorous Monday to Saturday timetable dispells any misconception that this is just some ‘hippy retreat’.
Granted we do get one day off each week but our Sundays are pretty jam packed with activities so come Monday we are all wiped out again! 4 hours of exercise a day in the heat takes its toll and its only going to get hotter from here on out. The final 4 weeks will be tough but my body is used to this new rhythm and it feels pretty good. Time is disappearing so quickly so I’m just trying to enjoy it whilst it lasts. We’re learning so much everyday so I’m hoping that I’ll be quite the knowledgeable teacher in a months time. At least enough to initially teach at the festivals. Fingers crossed.

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