Pigeon pose

image Today provided the best yoga anecdote I’ve had in a long while. We have been practising Eka Pada Rajakapotasana aka pigeon pose as seen below. We were told that its a very emotional asana and when held for several minutes is known to make students cry.
But that’s not the funniest bit. I explained this scenario to my brother on the phone using viber which is renowned for its robot voice noises when you have a bad reception. I explained what I had learned in the class and he mis heard it as people ‘cooing’ instead of ‘crying’ in pigeon pose in class. It is such a hilarious image that will probably ruin my focus in this asana for me for the foreseeable future. Thanks Sam.
image Some political protests kicked off yesterday in Rishikesh during the philosophy and anatomy class. There is concern that the government will start demolishing buildings within 200m of the river banks due to the recent introduction of a new law. Understandably business and home owners are distressed so we will see how things pan out over the next few weeks.



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