The yoga teaching journey begins


I arrived at 5:30am passed out in the back of the taxi in Rishikesh. I then jumped on the back of a motorbike with my back pack and crossed the narrow bridge across the river, weaving in and out of people going to market and cows with pink foreheads, the remnants of holi festival still clearly evident!
I went to my welcoming ceremony at the ashram dazed and confused but became immediately excited about the course.
We have been eased in gently with basic asanas and I have mastered the art of cleaning my nasal passages with warm salt water front a tiny watering can.
I’m really optimistic about the next 6 weeks. There are some really fascinating people here too. The only daunting factor is the heat. Its already intense but around the 15th its expected to jump again. Slightly apprehensive.
This is the view from my bedroom window…


I’ll try to make updates when I can but it looks like we will be working really hard.


2 thoughts on “The yoga teaching journey begins

  1. Lovely view from your window looks so calm & serene – deep breathing exercises will further invigorate you, not so sure about the nasal wash only done it before ‘cos of blocked sinus ! Just printing latest updates will take to Nanny with the new file I got her – she cant believe she’s now a member of the ‘web brigade’. Midnight Tango show was gr8 and we learnt that Nanny used to go dancing the Tango with the ‘Dutch Boys’ posted locally during the war – we could have had our fingers plugging dykes when we were kids & your German blood line be challenged.
    Nameste Kate – Lots of love Nanny, TGM & TGF xxxxxx

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