You can’t always get what you want


You can’t always get what you want,But if you try sometimes,
You just might find,
You get what you need.

…maybe even twice in one year. I was so privileged to see the rolling stones last year. The news that they are headlining Glastonbury made me excited to come home. I can’t wait to see them again with the Oxfam gang.
I’ve been playing the song for months. The chorus really encapsulates what traveling and life in general is all about. You have to be open minded. If you run around with huge expectations and tunnel visioned you will only be disappointed when you’re constantly let down.
I had hoped for the best when I left England with a sneaking suspicion they’d be on the bill. I was always going to Glastonbury regardless of the line up. This is just a massive Brucey bonus.


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