The sights but mainly sounds of China

Well today I leave China for India, and as excited as I am for my new home I will miss the sights dearly.
HOWEVER I don’t think I’ll miss the sounds in the slightest.
I considered taking soundbytes of people hocking up phleghm and snotting on the floor to make a beat box style symphony but thought better of it. The Chinese are louder than an Italian family in a restaurant. I had a full orchestra of elderly to toddlers snoring and farting through the night on my last night train to shenzhen. It was nigh on impossible to sleep.
Despite the panoramic vista of Hong Kong above I’m fairly non plus about it. Granted the weather was atrocious and I only had 24hours to see it but I wasn’t at all impressed with the giant shopping mall island it seems to be.
The peak tram skyline would have been immense without the mist though.
image I spent an afternoon in the 15 minutes of fame Warhol exhibition which was a good way to kill time without hemorrhaging funds.
Spent the night in a 6 bed dorm the size of a postage stamp in the infamous Chung King Mansions. It is not as bad as everyone makes out. Yes you do enter through an alleyway made of sex toys but that just adds to the charm. The lifts really are as sodding annoying as the reports though. My room was mostly consumed my an American big beautiful woman online chat host who chain ate tins of tuna in an enclosed space, so you can only imagine the aroma in the humidity. Needless to say I spent as little time as possible there.
Woke up at the crack of dawn to check out of the stench pit. Which made me super productive today I managed to squeeze in a haircut before I start looking feral. Had the best foot massage of a life time to cure the shin splints caused by my endless hiking of late. I also found time to have some Michelin star dim sum. Yes I’ma food snob but it was so cheap. And why the hell not? When in Rome eh?
Really excited about India. Bring on the 5am starts.


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