The coinkydinks continue

I am fully aware that the world is an abundance of coincidences and I personally don’t believe in fate but I think my head is about to explode.
I took the bus from Yangshuo to Guilin and listened to a bit of Frank Turner. The lyrics to ‘The Road’ are particularly fitting for me at this exact moment in time.
‘To the east, to the east, the road beneath my feet.
To the west, to the west, I haven’t got there yet’.
I arrived to a dumpling party in the hostel and we pitched in to make them. I did mostly eating rather than assembling. I got chatting to 2 British fellas as Dan le sac and scroobius pip played in the background. They too went to last years Wembley gig with Beans on Toast and Frank turner so we reminisced about Jay’s gig outside with my dear friend Bobby Banjo. Which incidentally was the evening I decided to go traveling! They had just been to Frank’s gig in Shanghai so I was a bit envious to say the least.
Tom was an aeronautical engineer so I took great pleasure in sharing my home town of Farnborough the airshow hosts! He immediately stood up and introduced me to Deirdre and Derek…from Farnborough. Who live less than a mile from my home! Obviously we got the beer flowing and compared notes. Deirdre is a midwife at Frimley Park. The hospital where myself, my mum and aunt have all worked. She may well have even delivered babies I know.
We drank the night away until 4am swapping travel stories some as exotic as Hampshire whilst listening to Hall and Oates. My idea of a perfect soundtrack. Such lovely company and a great evening.
I woke up at 7 and dashed to the train station in the torrential rain to attempt to change my train tickets so I could visit the forest. It was possible so I made new bookings and waded back to the hostel for breakfast. I said goodbye to my new friends and headed for the train station.
In the queue I bumped into Natina the bella Italiano from my room in Yangshuo. We laughed because you never see any other western tourists on the train. Ever. Turns out we were making the same connections. The bed numbers were even side by side despite booking them 3 days apart.
Its times like this that I love my little life more than ever. It was described to me as ‘living a life made of chocolate’. I know I am privileged to be living it. I never take it for granted and always try to take stock of these small coincidences. But the sheer number of them in the past 2 days is enough to make me chuckle.
I can’t wait to get to the forest in the morning. I hope its worth shaving 2 days off of my Hong Kong trip for it. I have a sneaky feeling it will be. Just look up the images to appreciate my excitement.


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