Guilin and yangshuo


This is the view from the roof terrace at my hostel in yangshuo. Sadly it took a 26 hour train journey to get here. I was on the top bunk of a hardsleeper (3m high with no headroom) above a screaming toddler. I was twitching when I got off. Fortunately the breathtaking scenery is worth the trauma of getting here.
I’ve spent the last couple of days cycling around the countryside taking in the spectacular countryside and visiting caves including the mud bath pictured below.


Last night I headed to dinner with a lovely German chap and his harem of beautiful Swedes. We picked up a delicious Indian takeaway at Ganga in town. I got talking to the restaurant owner given that I am flying to Delhi in 5 days. We were studying the map of India mural painted on the wall. He pointed to his hometown in Uttarakhand province…Rishikesh. Which coincidentally happens to be my new home for the next 2 months whilst I study yoga. I can’t believe I stumbled upon this massive coinkydinks in China! We have exchanged contact detail with the hope of reuniting after I graduate. Its a tiny old world and its the odd stories like this that make me love it so. I’m now more excited about India than ever before.


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