The Elizabethans through the ages


Please allow me to introduce the other Elizabeths in my lineage. This month saw the birthdays of the 2 people above. My mum and nanny. Betty senior turned 85 last week and in my usual manner I sent a card. A handmade Vietnamese one bought in a street market in Hanoi. Sadly it still hasn’t arrived but my postcards and Mum’s birthday card have so I have my fingers crossed. Nanny always tracks the speed in which they are delivered, noting the efficiency of a nation’s postal service, which is so wonderfully British.
However the most endearing point to this is actually the advancements in technology as highlighted in my blog description. I have always airmailed handwritten letters home to Nanny from my trips. But my aunty is printing my blog posts and taking them to my nanny who then adds them to her growing folder (thank you Lesley).
Nanny then reads the print outs and takes her postcards to read to her friends at a retirement home she visits on the granny bus! When I heard this my heart melted. But its not nearly as cute as the next bit I will share with you. My mum (Elizabeth junior) visited my Nanny on her own birthday in the snow for dinner. My brother used his iphone to display my blog and my Nanny read the updates with a magnifying glass! Absolutely adorable. I have shared this tale with fellow travellers and they have insisted that I include this in my blog. So here you are. Hope you enjoy seeing your own face in your print outs Nanny. You’re already a legend among many travel destinations across Asia and now the rest of the world. You can enjoy knowing that there is a hoard of people wishing to share a crafternoon tea with you in England.
Happy birthday to both Elizabeths. Here is a video message taken with the pandas in Cheng du.
Hope you’ve had a lovely day. With lots of love from the youngest of the 3 descendants, Katie Elizabeth!


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