Goldilocks and the 3 monochrome brethren

Today was spent in panda land in cheng du. Now I’m often perceived as the tin man in the feelings realm. However the baby cubs today were so cute I was genuinely moved to tears! I cried like a big girl in front of a sea of Chinese tourists.

3 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the 3 monochrome brethren

  1. Hi!!

    Loving the hair! Looking hot as ever!! I saw in your last picture that the wedding ring has moved up a finger?! Are you missing the man? Whos the new travel friend?
    And when do you get to the yoga retreat?! Im still coming up with stunning ideas for the yoga school we are gonig to open! I have purchased my first yoga DVD as i promised i will be the Kung Fu panda master of yoga by the time you come home!
    You may have heard from others that Spring has not sprung here, its cold and wet most the time. The usual! zzz!
    Have you got plans for Easter?! I will be head down in a bowl of melted chocolate most likely, cant wait!
    Dont suppose BoBo got in contact did she?
    Muchos love from moi!


    • Good work sazzle. No bo bo due to China’s incessant need to block communications.
      New traveling friends all the time for a few days here and there as I’m moving south towards Hong Kong. Yoga starts on 1 April. Fly to Delhi next Saturday. ‘Citing!
      Pandas were the best thing I’ve seen in China so far. I thought the great wall was amazing but it didn’t make me cry.
      Loving the updates. Keep em coming x

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