The Great (fire)Wall of China

So today I saw another wonder of the world. Second one in a year, not a bad effort for a little bird from Hampshire.
The Great Wall is simply unfathomable when you let your mind wander whilst walking. We only walked a 6km stretch at Jinshanling. 22 towers was quite enough for one day. I have enough photos to last a lifetime but none of it captures the awe and excitement I had permanently strewn across my face. Incredible sights for 4 hours of walking has exhausted me but I’m still grinning. Can’t believe I actually made it. Superb day in the sun.
Apologies for the lack of social media updates but China doesn’t really support communication with the outside world. But Maud and Tilly will hopefully resume their tweets once they arrive in India.

One thought on “The Great (fire)Wall of China

  1. Hi TGM here, great pool and wall – just returned from aqua and pooped. What a fabulous time you are having – still missing ‘Swiss’ ? Bet you will meet up with loads more yet. And of course the 6 week yoga retreat to come – to say I’m envious is an understatement. Printed your last blog on Monday to took to Nanny and will of course add these last two blogs to her ever growing collection. Off to celebrate her 85th birthday tomorrow – she even has a friend going from playschool 🙂 how sweet is that – only difference is they will not be skipping in together as would have happened as a child mind you did’t do playschool then they left at 14 years to earn a living. Much love as always.

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