Beijing makes it to the top spot

Ok so I enthused my heart out about Hanoi, my former favourite Asian city but its been knocked off its perch by the sheer brilliance of Beijing. Here’s why…
This obscure photo doesn’t explain why this city has soared to the top of my charts unless you know the buildings purpose and a little about me.
This is the watercube the aquatic park venue that hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. In all my years of swimming training I never thought I’d get the chance to swim somewhere so incredible in water that witnessed world records being broken. It was easy enough getting to the Olympic village but a bit difficult explaining your swimming intentions to the staff without doing a breaststroke mime! But it happened I got a ticket and got 2 hours in the warm up pool. The first proper swim in ages so I’m a bit achey this morning ahead of my Great Wall hike but the experience was worth it.
Took some time afterwards to watch the Olympians practice dive routines which was amazing in the empty venue.
The building also looked amazing lit up at night when I came out so I braved the cold to take some photos. My hands perished. Well done sir Norman Foster. Jolly good job Norm.


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