The pipe dream that came true


Somehow my distant dream of going to China became a reality. I have arrived in Beijing. Not entirely sure how this was possible as the turnaround of picking up a visa, booking a flight and boarding was a mere 12 hours! The flight was a horror show. There was a sandstorm with really high winds which made for some cracking turbulence. People were either being sick or crying. The left wing nearly hit the runway so I was relieved to be on terra firma.
Phil met me at the airport and is the best city host anyone could hope for. His language skills are phenomenal. This is Phyllis and Maud reunited overlooking the Forbidden City shortly after I arrived.
We watched the sun set and headed for a cocktail on the 80th floor of the tower behind the world trade centre. Bit of a shock having arrived from saigon to say the least the reality of being here still hasn’t yet set in.
Its hard to believe but the acrobatics I saw last night in town were even better than the Chinese new year celebrations in Chiang Mai.


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