My only travel tip…so far


I’m not  really one for dishing out travel advice mainly because I’m not exactly an expert. But this is the only thing I feel the need to share.


Yesterday I visited the war remnants museum in Ho chi Minh on my final day in Vietnam.
It was a humbling way to end the trip but in hindsight I wish it had been at the very beginning. We traveled from north to south so there was no choice in the matter. But my advice is to do the reverse. Start your route in saigon and visit the museum early on. Take the time to learn about how the country was affected by the war and consider which stops you will be making as you head up to hanoi. This will give you the chance to consider how the cities you will visit have changed and what influence the war had on their demolition and reconstruction.
It was fascinating reading about all of the towns and cities we had visited so I wish we had read this first to understand the context. The entrance fee is 15000 dong making it in my eyes the best value for money experience of all activities in Vietnam. Its truly a must.


One of the biggest things I learned.from the day was the sheer level of support for Vietnam around the world during the war. All of the exhibitions display the protests country by country. The photo above is the tiniest section of a huge display of support.


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