Don’t let the sun steal you away

I guess I should explain the ‘we’ element in my posts to date. Its difficult posting away about your experiences and not explaining who you are sharing them with.
Don’t get me wrong I always knew that I would be traveling alone but would undoubtedly meet people along the way. However the situation I have found myself in is unusual to say the least.
Let me introduce you to my swiss travel companion Sebastian. Seb and I met on koh Tao during our diving courses. We went to dinner the very same evening and within minutes he booked a ticket to join me on the night boat and head up to Chiang Mai together. We have been inseparable ever since. Its no exaggeration to say that we have spent no more than an hour apart since we met.
Seb had a flight booked home to Switzerland for 19th February from phuket so he intended to head back south after visiting northern Thailand. This as you have probably already gathered didn’t go to plan.
It is going to be difficult to not sound like a tosser for the next few paragraphs but please bear with me. Its really hard to describe the last few weeks without explaining how brilliant our situation has been.
Its very rare in life to meet anyone that you get on with so well that you know you can spend so much time together in the exceptional circumstances that traveling provides. There are only a handful of people close to you that you know for certain that you can spend all that time with, without getting sick of the sight of them or fighting. Somehow miraculously I met a complete stranger with whom this was possible.
I had a tentative route mapped out that would end in early march. Seb didn’t need to return to his job as a forester until the 18th. We got on so well that he seized the opportunity to accompany me for the next 4 weeks and cancelled his flight home.
We have spent a total of 5 weeks solidly together in 3 countries. So it may sound somewhat melodramatic to say that after tomorrow I don’t know what I’m going to do without him, but I’m truly not entirely sure how I will function alone. Never in my life have I spent so much time with a single person so it will be strange for this to be suddenly turned off. As clichéd as it may sound we have become one person. Dividing tasks 50/50 sharing our meals, water, money etc. So caring only for yourself will seem almost selfish!
If you have read any of my previous ramblings you will have undoubtedly noticed my music references. This is because we have shared music on our various long transport methods. We’ve listened to Cherbourg most days and this track pretty much sums up our separation: Cherbourg – don’t let the sun steal you away.
Now heading out for a final supper before getting the taxi to the airport. Auf wiedersehen mister Sebastian. Its been a blast.


3 thoughts on “Don’t let the sun steal you away

  1. Oh Kate, this is the most lovely post ever! Im so so glad you found someone so perfectly matched to travel with, i was worried about you being alone, and somehow comforted by reading your posts that you had found a mate to travel with. I was thinking just yesterday after your last post “who is this WE im hearing of?” Thank you for the explanation and also for the picture. He looks like someone you could take home and i could happily talk to 🙂 Im not going to go into the obvious comments that i expect will follow from others about a possible relationship. But its a great credit to Seb that he has stuck with you and you have had a great time. I wish he could stay with you longer, but if not, there will always be space for him to come visit the Boro!
    Hope your well!! xx

  2. This is probably the nicest thing someone has ever done to me. I’ve read this post at lest ten times and it still knocks me out everytime i tead it again. I couldn’t explain it better. The last sentence ‘it’s been a blast’ stuck in my head for days.
    My english is getting worse from day to day since we went different ways so we have to catch up soon again!. H orriblef
    Sarah i won’t forget about your invitation to the boro! Honestly i have no idea what the boro is but i am shure its a nice place. Hilariouuuus! See you there!
    Enjoy your travels katie. I am sooo jealous and would love to be there.

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