If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty (h)air


To recover from the visa trauma we bought a bottle of red wine and booked yet another bus to take a mini holiday in mui ne. Perfect decision. Got a cheap bungalow at the beach and we chilled for 2 days in the glorious cleaner air. Rented a couple of bikes and cycled to the red sand dunes. A good bit of exercise and some stunning scenery was just what the doctor ordered for I have developed a tremendous air conditioning induced cold. Check out my new wheels, literally, amazing spokes. Big pimping!


Hair is really crispy from the sea swims. They’re necessary every hour to cool down. Along with the sand dunes the lyrics from Morcheeba’s ‘The Sea’ couldn’t be more apt.
Sat on the roof of a beach side bar and drank cocktails giggling to the Mexican esque over pronunciation of mojito. It got chilly under the stars. It dropped to 27° today. Practically freezing conditions given recent temperatures. Beijing is going to hit me like a tonne of bricks.

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