Dear China, please let me in


So its day 2 at the embassy and I’m in the queue again determined to get a Chinese tourist visa. After a few painful hours I submitted that bad boy all 15 pages. With any luck I’ll get a nice shiny sticker in my passport to be collected on Friday.
En route I broke my trusty bamboo flip flops. They perished way back on koh Tao but didn’t give up the ghost for another 5 weeks. Sadly this left me wandering the streets of saigon clutching my application wailing like a maniac trying to find a shoe stall in an embassy district. Fat chance. So I went into a posh bank and politely asked to borrow a stapler. I wasn’t gonna let those suckers beat me. The staff were baffled by my ingenuity. It worked. Two years as an office manager paid off folks. I know how to source and utilise stationery in any given emergency.
Hopefully there will be no hitches, the embassy wouldn’t accept my UK number as a method of communication so they have no way of contacting me if they reject yet another minute detail. They weren’t keen on my unemployed status but the print screen shot of my bank accounts should satisfy them that I’m not a destitute alien. With any luck this will all work out and phyllis and maud will be reunited in Beijing. Mr nelson is the king of paper work our years together have given us the skills to pay the bills. I’m hopefully coming for you sir for a sake fueled weekend in the city.


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