Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Luang Prabang is really quite pretty indeed. We explored the town by night walking along the street markets. It was considerably more relaxed than chiang mai as there was so much more space to move around and a fraction of the tourists perusing as the stall are there everyday.
Tuesday morning was quite possibly the most productive in my life. By midday I had booked flights to Hanoi, arranged visas for Vietnam, booked bus tickets to Vientiane, found beds at a cheaper hostel for the night and sorted out activities for the rest of the day. So glad that my waking up early pays off.
So we spent the rest of the day out and about. Caught a touk touk to kuang si waterfalls and joined the trek to avoid the masses and stumbled upon this empty spot. Sadly because it was so unspoilt by tourists wading through it was a haven for massive invertebrates.


Managed to join in with the cheesy photograph brigade to get the next shot. As much as I feel a pleb at times particularly when dragging my non waterproof slr through the falls, I’m instantly at ease when I see the queues of Chinese tourists snapping each other on iPads.

Went to wat phousi to see the sunset over the river. It was so worth the 355 step climb.
In other news…I got hitched at a bowling alley by an ordained Canadian with a dog collar made from toilet roll. Laos that’s Anglo Swiss romance for ya!


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