Goodbye Thailand. Hello Laos.

So the sun has set on my time in Pai. Which may have been for the best as the sun was getting a little pesky. It was lovely in the evenings along the river as it was cool but by midday it was 36°C. Managed to hop on the bus and arrived at the motel at the Thai-Laos border by midnight so got a good night sleep in before early morning immigration. There was a strange point on the river taxi after departing Thailand before reaching the laosian bank where we were in no mans land.
The immigration process was fairly painless and I managed to pay on the third attempt due to Laos’ refusal to accept a 3mm tear in a $20 bill.
The slow boat was worth waiting the extra day for. The views along the Mekong were incredible. I was also surrounded by a great group of people which made for a fun meal once we reached Pak Beng. The restaurant owners were luring us in with the usual ‘same same but better’ routines with promises of cheap beerlao and free moonshine. I had a laosian dish of buffalo lap. The liquor was like rocket fuel. I’m a certified $2 date.


The following morning was an early start for day 2 on the river. The exposed roots of trees on the river banks working their way down 10m to a water source were enough to keep me entertained. As was the guitar playing and fishing from dug out canoes. We reached Luang Prabang by 5pm and found a guesthouse.
Perused the night market in search of food. I was ravenous by then as the instant noodles on the boat weren’t the least bit tempting. Found a great vegetarian buffet for 10,000 kip a plate and ate enough sustenance for 4. The quaint colonial Portuguese influence is still evident and its clear to see marked differences between the two nations already. I’m looking forward to discovering more by daylight.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Thailand. Hello Laos.

  1. I cant comment on this without replying to Stef i dont think?! But Hi!!! Loving the blog, your trip is amazing, i cant believe you are doing so much and going so many places! i didnt think it was possible! have you found many crazy people to come round with you or are you still a kind of lone ranger?
    Its got super cold here. Ive given up chocolate for lent, so you can imagin everyones pain around me! Works ok, i think they are going to change the role thats just come available in my team which makes me uneligable t oapply as im not an engineer. Had a wonderful vanlentines/birthday with Edd. And i did a bungee!! it was so much scarier then i thought, i may have met my match!! i cant think of anything super exciting to tell you but thought it would be good to drop you a line!
    Speak soon!

    • Hi stef and Sarah!
      Its going well I’m half way down Vietnam. Buses between cities and motorbikes for local exploration. Which answers your question Sarah. We are a we I’m not alone. Met a swiss guy on koh Tao and we’re spending 5 weeks solidly together. Crazy.
      Going to try and get a tourist visa for China in ho chi Minh so I can visit Phil in Beijing. Hopefully phyllis and maud Will reunite.
      Will keep you posted

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