Schönes chinesiches Neujahr!


We headed to Chinatown in Chiang Mai for Chinese new year and celebrated swiss style with truckloads of street food dishes and parades. Best day on the road so far. The funniest moment of my travels so far took place in a 7 eleven. I went to grab a bottle of water from the fridge and as I opened the door I could hear a mans voice. There was a guy restocking the bottles from behind and I could see a pair of eyes. We were hysterical for the rest of the evening. After an amazing evening I woke up at 1 am in a hammock and got locked out of the room.
Been playing the Lumineers – Ho hey on repeat in my head due to the ‘took a bus to chinatown’ lyric this has been the anthem of our trip.

We watched the street party parades and I was so excited I was holding back tears! It was so overwhelming watching the acrobatics and fireworks all crammed into a tiny street corner but as Europeans we felt like giants and could see right over the heads of the tiny Asian crowd.
We had the best street food ever in the Sunday night market including the pick and mix sushi delights below.

So many things seen in such a short time I’m exhausted. Saw incredible temples in the mountains and freewheeled all the way back down on the motorbike. We were blessed by the monks of wat doi su thep.


One thought on “Schönes chinesiches Neujahr!

  1. Looks amazing Kate and wonderful to to read your adventures. Seems to be quite a spiritual journey and you have yet to engage in the whole yogic course – ‘peace man peace’ – but not wearing my bell today. Guess you have found a travel buddy based on the number of beds you booked ?
    Lots of love as always TGM & TGF x

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