One night in Bangkok

Hopefully no nights in Bangkok. Just had the most amazing nights sleep on the boat from koh Tao to chumpon. I’m now listening to folk music on a minibus in anticipation of reaching Bangkok at midday. Looks like we’ve missed out on a night train bed to chiang mai so another long bus on the cards. Love a good bus me! With any luck will manage to do the whole shibang in under 40 hours.
Having been told that the night train was fully booked in koh Tao I was delighted when I somehow managed to get two beds on the last train to chiang mai. Which meant we didn’t have to get the bus or stay in Bangkok for any longer than necessary.


With plenty of time to stroll to the grand palace, grab some street food for lunch and a massage I was delighted!
Packed some beers for the journey and partied with the Thais for hours smoking and drinking Leo in the restaurant carriage. I have woken up next to a meditating monk a few stops from our final destination frozen from the excessive fridge-like air con. Can’t wait to check in and have a wee run around.


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