Five dives in one day

I have just completed my advanced PADI diving license in under 24 hours. I am exhausted. But the night dive and wreck dive alone was worth it. Tonight we will celebrate before getting the night boat to chumpon for a day bus to Bangkok immediately followed by a night train to chiang mai. I already feel dead but it has been worth it as I can now dive to 30 m anywhere in the world.


4 thoughts on “Five dives in one day

  1. Oh Kate how wonderful & very well done. Take good care of yourself off to Nanny’s for usual fatty club tea party tonight. Love TGM & TGF

  2. Kate!! It’s so lovely to hear your tales! I’m encouraged by the diving news, so much so that I might go and renew my licence! Then we can go on awesome diving holidays! Have you met some people to further travel with? Maybe one of the very many sweedes?! You haven’t missed much here, ther weather’s been alright,works going well, a guy ib ny team is leaving, which means a position has come up, il go for it but its a massive role, so we shall see! Other then that, got back from Amsterdam in one piece! It was so great out there, I really liked it but the English tourists left something to be desired.I didn’t get any sluts or drugs, but nearly got chucked out of most of the museuems we went to! Anyway enough of my none news! Keep up the blogging! Really enjoying it! And stay safe yoga poo! 🙂 Sarah xx

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