Living the island hopping dream


Today I kayaked my arms off. But it was worth it. Made it to Nangyuan islands and hiked up to the highest point to make the shot above. It was beautiful however the resort workers took it upon themselves to commander our oars whilst climbing and then tried to charge us to get them back. I was not best pleased. The snorkelling was pretty good. Better on the north side clearer visibility but cooler water.
So glad I didn’t go alone as we battled it back in the storm against the winds in a surprisingly quick time. Guess we found a decent rhythm. Lucky I got a dry bag though the waves got pretty savage.
Went for my first massage in a long time. It was phenomenal. After the yoga and kayaking it was perfect and I floated back to the beach for the sunset.
Somehow I then took a last minute decision to go for the advanced PADI course so i could do wreck and night dives. The diving bug has certainly taken hold. Just managed to delay my night boat to Bangkok trip in time by 2 days to allow time for it. Decided to celebrate my last minute productivity with a takeaway pizza and beer on the beach. After 2 large Changs I’m hammered. Finding it hard to date!
So 2 extra nights in Koh Tao on the cards. Huzzah!


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