Jumping in at the deep end


3 dives in one day, and guess what happens on my very first open water dive. I get attacked by a trigger fish. I felt something tug at my fin close to the coral at the white rock dive site and assumed it was the instructor. It wasn’t. It was a really angry male trigger fish defending the female laying her eggs. We had accidentally swam over their nest and he wasn’t happy about it. Luckily we had been warned that this can happen on very rate occasions and we were told that the best defense is to kick at them. So we did. But it retaliated by biting our fins. It then proceeded to pull one of the guys flippers off and drag it back to the nest. When my instructor tried to retrieve it he went nuts and started darting again and the battle continued for 5 minutes or so. Somehow this didn’t put me off as I was still mesmerized by the new incredible sensation of breathing under the sea. Its the probably been the most overwhelming experience of my life. I want to do it over and over again. I’m not even bothered by the 7am boat tomorrow I just can’t wait to dive back in. So glad that I made the decision to get my license. Ridiculous first dive but a great way to jump in at the deep end.


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