I’m forever blowing bubbles…well hopefully tomorrow I will be at least

So update in the morning turned into the following evening. Finding the time to write and a sturdy wifi connection is proving a challenge. But losing track of the days is a sure sign that I’m enjoying my wee self.
After 2days here and the arduous journey to get to the island I can safely say it was worth it. I have luckily befriended a Swedish divemaster who helped me find a good dive centre to do my PADI course. There are also 2 more Swedish guys on the course and I have got a great Swedish instructor. I’m not too sure if this distribution of Swedes is normal. The fourth person on the course is another bloke so I am the only female again. I keep getting told that its unusual to meet British girls travelling alone. There must be more of us out there sure-lie. Maybe its a weird pick up ploy. But apparently I have massive balls according to my fellow divers.
I may possibly need to become less approachable. An angry Israeli joined me for breakfast this morning uninvited and proceeded to rant at me until I managed to make my escape.
I’m glad I’ve ended up at Phoenix dive centre its really relaxed with a great group of people. One of which went home and cooked me a fresh batch of Chinese pork dumplings because I rated the one I tried at lunch so highly. She’s a treasure. My accommodation is included in my course and I’ve really lucked out with a nice bungalow to myself. Double bed and ensuite even a cheek couple of toilet rolls to boot. Can’t get too used to this sheer opulence before returning to hostels.
Can’t believe I’ll actually be diving, something I’ve wanted to do for a lifetime. Whatsmore I’ll be qualified, so I can dive all over the shop on future travels. Sadly we had a full day of classroom as the centre manager was sick and all the equipment bookings went awry,so we will be doing 3 dives tomorrow instead. When the crazy breakfast fella heard this news he lost his tiny mind.
As I type this there is a cat meowing its heart outside who has desperately been trying to get inside the hut all day. If it develops a talent for catching mosquitos instead of geckos I’ll be sure to invite it in.
Truly over excited about finally being underwater tomorrow I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. I just need to continue squeezing in my studies on the beach in order to pass my first exam in 3 years.
I’ve discovered today that a world of opportunities in your home country only suddenly become available after you leave it. A fellow student asked to interview me in my old job for a project at the RGS and a perfect NHS project manager role landed in my inbox. Maybe I should make a habit of fleeing more often. My uploaded picture at Heathrow received a staggering number of likes too. Its nice too see so many people glad to finally see the back of me!
Hopefully these ramblings are coherent. Be sure to let me know if they’re not. Need to be up at the crack of dawn to get on the boat. So I’ll cut this bad boy short. But having reviewed it you can be rest assured that future posts will be nowhere near as long.


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